Keno, ZTS: “This tournament was stacked and full of surprises!”

Following our great collaboration with Zagreb Tekken Showdown for the recent A1 Gaming Weekend TEKKEN 7, we decided to sit down with one of the community’s founders, Petar “Keno” Koenigsknecht. The interview with Keno has the goal of introducing our community to Zagreb Tekken Showdown and the great work they have been doing for the past two years.

Hey Keno, thanks for agreeing to do this interview. Would you mind introducing Zagreb Tekken Showdown to our fans that aren’t familiar with the job that you are doing? What are your main objectives?

Hey, glad to be here! Zagreb Tekken Showdown is a project that has been organizing offline Tekken tournaments since 2019. We started creating these tournaments because there was a lot of interest in Zagreb concerning the latest Tekken game. Tekken 7 has boomed not only in our country but across the world. Our goal is to incorporate ZTS into Tekken World Tour – the international Tekken league sponsored by Bandai Namco. During these past two years we have managed to build up a strong community of Tekken players. In the beginning, our events were mostly Zagreb-exclusive, but as we made more tournaments, people from all around the country started to visit us.

We want to create a competitive scene in the region so that the players have a place where they can test their skills without having to go abroad.

How do you feel about the current state of TEKKEN 7 in the region? Are there new players trying to go down the competitive road?

We have noticed a big jump in the average skill level during the last year and a half. The difference is even more visible once you check out our 1st tournament and compare it to the last one. Players that visit tournaments have more motivation to get better and since Zagreb has become a hot spot for Tekken, it’s only natural that we are getting exponentially better over time.

Even though it has been some time since we started as a community, we still see new players every time we host an event. One portion of newcomers always tend to start playing competitively. This influences the dynamics of our tournaments and helps others to grow as well.

That being said, Croatia has become almost undisputedly the best country in the Balkans for Tekken. The player base is large, the average skill level is high and we have been dominating the latest Tekken events in the region. Every top 8 sees at least 4 Croatians, in this latest tournament there were 6 of us in the top 8.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic influenced your projects and the FGC community as a whole? As you are primarily focused on LAN tournaments, how has the transition to online play been going for you?

The COVID-19 crisis has put on hold many of our plans for this community. With the LAN tournaments out of the question, the whole international Tekken community has shifted its focus towards online tournaments. We started as an offline tournament organization and didn’t think we would ever do an online event. Online events just lack that atmosphere and adrenaline we were used to. Luckily, some of our Slavonian members have kept the community together by organizing Tekken podcasts and our Serbian colleagues organized two online events in the recent period. There is always some Tekken content in the Balkans, and we are not the sole providers.

Did you expect a big player turnout in this online format that the A1 Gaming Weekend featured? How does this compare to some of the other tournaments that you have organized?

We couldn’t have guessed or predicted the number of participants for this tournament, but we were content with more than 40 players that attended the event. Of course, offline tournaments that we organized before the COVID crisis would easily feature more than 64 players. This tournament was available only for PC Tekken players, so our PS4 players had to sit this one out. Unfortunately, Tekken still doesn’t feature cross-platform play.

What were some of the favorites going into the A1 Gaming Weekend cup? What regional players are on the rise?

A1 Gaming Weekend featured some of the best Tekken names in the region. Most notable of all is without a question QSKE’s Crashbanter – a player from Osijek that has been dominating the competitive scene in the whole region. He is our star player and we consider him to be one of the best in Europe. The COVID crisis has stopped him from winning the tournaments abroad and getting more international attention, but this is only the matter of time. He recently won the Polish and Serbian online Tekken tournament, A1 Adria’s was his third in a row!

Another favorite for this tournament was Kalash – one of the strongest players from Zagreb whose matches are always fun to watch and commentate. Kalash is certainly one of those players that progressively became a big threat. He wouldn’t be a favorite in our early tournaments but the community has made him one of the best players in Croatia.

The similar could be said for Tkalac. Another Slavonian, Tkalac started to make a name for himself right before the lockdown. He was present for only one offline ZTS tournament, but had good success even there. He is still on the rise, so who knows what’s to be expected of him!

Macedonian players also made a big impact with 2 of their players reaching top 8 and Yamato taking the 3rd place. They are completely new to us but it’s safe to say that Macedonia also knows how to play good Tekken.

This tournament was stacked and full of surprises, especially in the top 8. Still, some notable names were missing – names like: Masamune, BurkeCro and Bagheera. These players usually help create even more drama since they are all candidates for top 8. We will see the biggest clash once the offline events start rolling again.

Crashbanter crushes the A1 Gaming Weekend TEKKEN 7 competition!

After Roksa took the main prize in PES2021, QSKE Gaming’s Crashbanter was the player that outplayed the competition in our second A1 Gaming Weekend, featuring TEKKEN 7.

Our first TEKKEN 7 cup saw over 40 players sign up and battle it out for the grand prize of €200. The double-elimination bracket proved to be a great addition to the tournament as the actual winner of the tournament, Crashbanter, managed to climb back from the lower bracket and defeat his opponent in his second try.

After a couple of rounds of play, four players remained in the upper bracket. Crashbanter couldn’t stand up to Kalash, while Yamato defeated Chipmeister FiGi. Kalash continued his great streak with yet another win against Yamato who was relegated to the lower half of the bracket. Chipmeister FiGi and Crashbanter met in the lower bracket semis and while QSKE’s veteran was fighting for the win, Yamato was waiting for him in the lower bracket finals. Nevertheless, Yamato was powerless versus Crashbanter who calmly secured his place in the Grand Finals.

Kalash and Crashbanter faced each other for the main prize. Crashbanter was able to end Kalash’s winning streak and reset the score before taking one more 3-0 victory and leaving the Grand Finals and the whole tournament as the undisputed A1 Gaming Weekend TEKKEN 7 champion.

These were the top three A1 Gaming Weekend – TEKKEN 7 players:

1. QSKE Crashbanter – €200
2. Kalash – €100
3. RFD Yamato – €50

If you missed this edition of the A1 Gaming Weekend, you can check it out and catch all the great moments below:

A1 Gaming Weekends return with PES and TEKKEN!

After coming back from a brief hibernation, it’s time to warm up your mouse and keyboard with the upcoming two seasons of the League by hosting two A1 Gaming Weekend tournaments!

The A1 Gaming Weekend cups were an unforgettable part of the last year. Before, during, and after the seasons, the A1 Gaming Weekends were here for the players that didn’t have their favorite games included in the League, as well as for the fans that were eager to watch some action in the days when the League wasn’t on.

This time, we will host two A1 Gaming Weekend tournaments. The first one will feature PES e-Football 2021, while the second one will be TEKKEN 7.


While PES2020 is a known game for the Gaming Weekend series, our other title, TEKKEN 7 is making its debut on the 13th of March. This fighting game is one of the pillars of the loyal and competitive FGC community. As we could witness on multiple occasions before, TEKKENs fighter diversity, big skill cap, and talented regional player base, make it the ideal pick for our second A1 Gaming Weekend title.

The A1 Gaming Weekend – TEKKEN 7 by Zagreb Tekken Showdown will be played using the platform, as it is one of the most famous platforms for this particular title. The fighters will face each other in a double-elimination Best of 3 bracket. You can sign up for the TEKKEN 7 tournament  by clicking the link below:

13.03.2021 A1 Gaming Weekend TEKKEN 7 by Zagreb Tekken Showdown – SIGN UP

The prize pool will be split in the following manner:

1. €200
2. €100
3. €50


We already had PES2020 as a part of the A1 Gaming Weekend on multiple occasions last year and it never failed to disappoint. As one of the founders of the ever-growing PESExpert community stated: “The PES community in our region is really big”. And the players made sure to confirm this claim during the last year when we had over x players every time.

PES21 will boast a single-elimination tournament with Bo1 matches in the first two rounds, while the rest of the cup will be played as a Bo2 with the Away goal rule. Be a part of the first A1 Gaming Weekend for this year by clicking the link below:

06.03.2021 A1 Gaming Weekend PES21 – SIGN UP (ENDED)

A1 Gaming Weekend - PES2021 Bracket - Roksa

The PES2021 tournament was played out and had the following players take the first three places:

1. Roksa €200
2. Kepa_PFC €100
3. Pedjapedja16 €50