The third LOL qualifier is over; Fantastic & Mafija Lebrinyja qualify!

In the third of four League of Legends qualifiers, Fantastic Esports and Mafija Lebrinyja joined our four already-qualified teams.

A total of 17 teams confirmed their attendance for the third League of Legends qualifier which meanт that the Round of 32 had only one match (Milex21’s party 1 – 0 Team Revenge). In Round 2, Inferal eSports lost to Milex21’s party, but the team’s streak ended in the quarterfinals when they faced Fantastic Esports. The Croatian organization that was a part of the last season managed to advance to the semifinals where they played Dogs unleashed in the decider match. Through TEAM SIGET and G2 Academy v2, respectively, they secured a spot in the duel versus Fantastic which went to all three matches. In the end, however, Fantastic reigned supreme and won the deciding BO3 match.

Devotion and Mafija Lebrinyja fought for the sixth spot in the A1 Adria League. The former advanced at the expense of 30 min team, and later on, Kako god oces, and seemed ready to take the second spot of the day. Further down in the bracket, Mafija Lebrinyja started their journey to the semis by defeating the Macedonian team FunTeam MKD. Their second and simultaneously last opponents before the decider were DARKIC NARKIC. After Fantastic did it a bit earlier, Mafija Lebrinyja also managed to secure a spot in the league.

Harmony and 49% winrate join the qualified LoL teams!

Harmony and 49% winrate managed to triumph in the qualifiers and join Lupus eSports and Metamoon in the upcoming LoL season.

Our second League of Legends qualifier started in the Round of 16. Inferal eSports managed to get a win over Legends, while Harmony outplayed Darkic Narkic. A bit lower in the bracket, Kako god oces scored two victories versus Celijka Mitoza and Water Phoenix Esports and reached the semifinals. There, their final opponents before reaching the A1 Adria League were Harmony. Even though Kako god oces proved to be a challenge for Harmony, the team successfully advanced to the league.

Besides Harmony, our second team to qualify for the eighth season were 49% winrate. A famous name in the region, 49% winrate achieved today’s success at the cost of teams such as Reject, 28 US Marines, and Clouded Leopards Prime. CLP couldn’t defeat 49% winrate but still had a good playday. Names such as Infamous and Delusional randoms lost to them, but the last obstacle was too much for the team. After Lupus and Metamoon also qualified in the first cup, we now have four of the eight required teams to begin our group stage.

Two chances remain for you to become a part of this adventure. Make sure to click HERE to learn more about this season’s format and SIGN UP for the remaining two qualifiers.