A1 Adria League S6 - CS:GO SWISS Stage

lvlUP win back-to-back seasons of A1 Adria League!

After the other three titles crowned their champions, last, but certainly not least, our CS:GO season came to an end after lvlUP breezed past Blink in the Grand Finals of the League.

The second day of the playoffs started with a Lower Bracket match between GamerS1337 and Blink. We are already used to seeing Blink pick Train, and that was the case once again. The team led by Sener “SENER1” Mahmuti managed to secure the first map with a 16-10 score. GamerS1337 won one more round on their map pick, Mirage, and finished the tournament at the fourth place (Mirage – 16:11).

QSKE and lvlUP closed out the day with an intense BO3 match. The Macedonian squad won the first map, Mirage, convincingly (Mirage – 16:9). lvlUP struck back on their map pick and on the decider, Inferno, we saw an even more dominant match by the Serbian side (Nuke – 16:6, Inferno – 16:5). With this victory, lvlUP became the first team to qualify for the Grand Finals.

Sunday saw the Consolidation Final played out first. Blink and QSKE clashed in a duel which ended up 2-0 in favor of the Albanian organization. Even though the match saw only two played maps, QSKE put up a great fight and didn’t make the job any easier for Blink (Train – 16:14, Mirage – 16:12).

Blink once again secured a rematch from the last season’s Grand Final.
uNiQUE against ex-BLUEJAYS then, Blink versus lvlUP now. The teams went through a number of roster changes, but the rivalry remained. This time we saw lvlUP, who were using Luka “emi” Vuković instead of Miloš “dEE” Marčeta, win the final after only two maps. All lvlUP players were on point today and after two short maps, Train and Nuke, they were crowned back-to-back A1 Adria League Champions.


Congratulations to lvlUP! Blink and lvlUP already secured their spot in the next season which will boast a prize pool of €11.000. We will be taking a short break from Counter-Strike until the next season starts.. Use the break to practice more and prepare for the upcoming qualifiers. In the meantime, we will be organizing a couple of tournaments for the titles that are not regularly featured in our League, starting with Rainbow Six: Siege.

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