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Lavvek: “We can compete for the top 3 [Clash of Leagues] spots”

The Clash of Leagues qualifiers are set to start soon. Teams from Central & Eastern Europe will join the Brawl Stars arenas to fight for the three spots in this tournament which will be one of the biggest ones this year. The three teams from this region (which also includes the Adriatic region) will join the already invited teams in the group stage of the tournament.

As we are nearing the start of the qualifiers, we decided to talk with the regional players who will compete in the tournament. DzonDzon and Lavvek are Noble Elite players who ended the seventh A1 Adria League season first and second, respectively. We talked with the players about the recent A1 Adria League season, their expectations about the Clash of Leagues as well as the international Brawl Stars scene.

Congratulations on your victory! You finished the group stage undefeated. What was the competition like in the league? Which team surprised you?

Lavvek: Thank you! The League competition this season was stronger than ever, the teams were preparing and training well and you could see the progress. The competition is always strong, and the match against our teammates (Noble Elite BLK) is always the toughest to play. I was honestly surprised by teams such as POINT Gaming and Mayoi who improved a lot since the previous season.

DzonDzon: Thanks! The competition is getting better and better every season and I am glad that our region has such potential. I was most surprised by POINT Gaming – the guys have really improved a lot.

Who were your biggest opponents this season?

Lavvek: As there is always 7-8 of us together, we are split in two different rosters in a way that our match is always the toughest one (NE BLK vs NE Red)

DzonDzon: Our toughest opponents were, of course, our teammates from Noble Elite, Noble Elite Red.

Who is your favorite Brawler and why? Who is the worst one according to you?

DzonDzon: My favorite Brawler is Crow, because I can be passive as well as aggressive with him, and I love his mechanics. My worst one is definitely Shelly, I never liked her and 90% of the Brawlers can counter her.

Do you follow the European Brawl Stars scene? Where are the best teams from?

Lavvek: I literally follow every European Brawl Stars tournament. Europe is a region in which we currently have two super strong teams and around 15 teams that are fighting for a spot at the world championship. The best teams are coming from Germany (SK Gaming) and Italy (AQM).

DzonDzon: I follow the EU scene because I am part of it and with my team, we are playing all the major European tournaments. In my opinion, the best players come from Spain, Germany, Great Britain, and France.

Have you already started preparing for the Clash of Leagues or are you still taking a break after this great A1AL season? What results are you hoping to achieve heading into Clash of Leagues?

Lavvek: The preparations actually never stopped. As we are playing tournaments all the time, we are always together, preparing, analyzing, and practicing. It is normal that we are expecting a good placement in Clash of Leagues, but we first need to see the teams that will quailfy for the final stage. Either way, I think we can compete for the top 3 spots.

DzonDzon: The preparations have started, we have them every day and we are analyzing our matches, as well as matches from other teams. We are expecting good results, there are plenty of teams that we can outplay.

ToDe will not compete with you because the minimum age of participation for the Clash of Leagues is 16. How big of a problem is that for the team and do you have an idea about his substitute?

Lavvek: Unfortunately, Supercell’s rules are so that players younger than 16 can’t compete in the bigger tournaments. NE BLK is now without ToDe, while NE Red is without Ciro. It is a great loss for both teams as they are both players that have been on the very top of the regional Brawl Stars scene in the last two years. In the end, we decided that Andrey will join NE BLK and together with Adry and DzonDzon will try to win the  Clash of Leagues champion’s title.

How do the teams from the other Clash of Leagues leagues compare to the regional teams?

Lavvek: I think that the A1 Adria League teams have a good chance of achieving a good result and that the difference between leagues isn’t that great. I would only like to point out SK Gaming as the main favorites. I think that three good teams will come from the qualifiers as they are available for a big number of professional players. I am expecting an intense final stage and we are hoping for the best!

DzonDzon: I am not really familiar with the teams from the other leagues. The only thing that I know is that SK Gaming won the German league and that they will participate in the finals. I think that the winners of the other leagues are on our level and that a huge Brawl Stars spectacle is incoming.

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