Join the Epic Brawl: A1 Adria League Brawl Stars Competition!

Get ready to dive into the most epic showdown of the 12th season of the A1 Adria League. We’ve got some hot news to drop for all you brawlers out there, and this mini-tournament is gonna be lit. So, gather your crew, power up your brawlers, and let’s roll! We’ve got some high-octane action lined up where you’ll need to flex your skills and show who’s the real boss of the brawl.

But wait, there’s more! We’ve got a sweet prize pool of 450 euros up for grabs, and it’s a winner-takes-it-all deal. That’s right, the champion walks away with all that cash. Talk about motivation to bring your A-game! Here are the dates you need to mark on your calendar: Qualifications are going down on October 26th and October 30th, and the battles are gonna be fierce. It’s your chance to earn your spot in the limelight. And the grand finale? Brace yourselves! It’s going down at the A1 Adria League tournament’s epic finale, which is part of the Reboot InfoGamer festival. It’s the perfect stage to showcase your brawling skills to the world.

Prepare for some insane plays, last-minute comebacks, and epic showdowns as you battle it out for supremacy. It’s gonna be a rollercoaster of fun and intensity, and you won’t want to miss it. The champions are gonna walk away with some seriously dope prizes, and the bragging rights will be off the charts. Get ready to unleash your inner brawler and dominate the A1 Adria League Brawl Stars mini-tournament in style!


Prize distribution

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  • A1AL Season 12 – Brawl Stars – Qualifier 1 – 26.10.2023
  • A1AL Season 12 – Brawl Stars – Qualifier 2 – 30.10.2023

The League Format

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If you have any game specific or competition oriented questions, make sure you hop on our Discord server and get in touch with the Game Head.


A1 Adria League S5 - Brawl Stars

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