F1 22 is the latest game to enter A1 Adria League!

F1 22 is the latest gaming title in the A1 Adria League! Sign up and prove you are the fastest on track on the 5th and 6th of November to become the first-ever F1 22 champion of the A1 Adria League and take home the Fanatec CSL DD F1 Esports Premium Bundle PC!

A1 Adria League F1 22

Racing is finally coming to the A1 Adria League in Season 10. This time in the shape and form of F1 22. There is no need for describing the official F1 game so let’s get to what, when, where, and how. The competition will be held totally online across two consecutive days on the PC – Steam version of the game. Just like in F1 there will be two drivers in each of the 10 teams. Drivers will race on eight different tracks. Starting positions will be defined by a one-shot qualifier – one lap. The race distance will be set at 25% which means a fourth of the total laps that real F1 drivers do on a certain track.

There are only 20 slots open and the fastest players to sign up will get the spot, the rest will be contacted via Discord. So make sure to sign up on time! You can grab your spot by filling out the form – SIGN UP FOR F1 22 IN THE A1 ADRIA LEAGUESign-ups are open until the 2nd of November at 23:59h.

Here is the schedule:

Day 1 (5th of November) – start scheduled for 18:00
VN San Marina (San Marino GP)
VN Kine (Chinese GP)
VN Austrije (Austrian GP)
VN Belgije (Belgian GP)

Day 2 (6th of November) – start scheduled for 18:00
VN Bahreina (Bahrain GP)
VN Australije (Australian GP)
VN Abu Dhabija (Abu Dhabi GP)
VN Brazila (Brazilian GP)

The winner will take home the Fanatec CSL DD F1 Esports Premium Bundle PC steering wheel a worthy prize for the fastest F1 driver in the region! As always, you will be able to follow all of the action on the official A1 Adria League channels!


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