Intersnack Chio A1AL SEASON 11

Chio Powers Up A1 Adria League

Hello gamers and lovers of Esports!

We are excited to announce Intersnack as the official snack sponsor of A1 Adria League! As a leading snack manufacturer in Europe, Intersnack offers a diverse range of salty snacks: potato chips, nuts, baked products and speciality snacks. That is why they are not only perfect for gamers but also for fans watching the league and for other activities such as watching TV shows, movies, or hanging out in nature. Great snacks go great with everything and in any situation you want to snack it up!

Intersnack is well known in our Adria region with their portfolio of brands including Chio, Čipi Čips, Pom Bar, and Nutline and is satisfying everyone’s cravings. That means whether you prefer classic flavours like our local Čipi Čips, looking for something more adventurous and internationally known like the Chio Intense flavours, you prefer a healthier snack version of Chio Lentil chips and different snack nut choices like peanuts and noble nuts, or family snack Pom Bar, Intersnack has got you covered. Their flavour makes gaming experience a bit better!

Intersnack understands the importance of keeping energy levels high during intense gaming sessions, when you need an extra energy kick or boost of good flavour so we are thrilled to have them on board as our official snack sponsor. We are sure you will find your favourite as you dive into our 2023 season!

Be sure to follow Intersnack on their official website, visit Chio Facebook and Chio Hrvatska Instagram to stay updated on their latest offers and promotions. They are preparing a lot of new announcements, games and will be following us during Adria region biggest gaming event! And don’t forget to use the hashtag #chiohrvatska to show your support while you post and cheer for your favourite players!

Let’s game it out!

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