Here are your EAFC24 and Rocket League champions in A1 Student eChallenge!

Two of three competitions that are part of our A1 Student eChallenge are over. Rocket League and EAFC24 got their champions already, while only the CS2 competition remains. While most of the tournament was played off-stream, our followers could enjoy a very tense final in Rocket League and EAFC24. Let’s take a look at how it went.

FER and MATHOS at the top

Let’s begin with Rocket League, where we had seven different Universities compete for the top prize. From the signed up schools we had FER, FERIT, FOI, UNIPU, FESB, Algebra, and PMFST which amounted to 24 players. The competition was fierce and the top 4 Universities were FER, Algebra, FOI, and FERIT.

In the grand final of A1 Student eChallenge, we saw a dominating victory from the side of FER who managed to win this BO7 series with a 4:1 score against Algebra.  The roster made of Dred, Zuki, Turba, and Dunge, showed their skill and deservedly won the title. However, in our fight for the third place, things were a lot more closer. After a long struggle and seven games, FERIT came out victorious against FOI with a 4:3 score.

  • 1st place: FER 
  • 2nd place: Algebra
  • 3rd place: FERIT
  • 4th place: FOI
  • 5th-7th place FESB, UNIPU, and PMFST

Moving on to EAFC24 where we also had seven Universities compete. In this competition, the signed-up Universities were FOI and FERIT with two representative players, UNIPU, TVZ, MATHOS, ASPIRA, and Algebra with one each. It took eight games for us to get our best four players in this competition. FOI did very well, and their players ranked 2nd and 3rd. Bati took the second place, while t0m3 one below. On stream, in the grand finale, Bati lost to MATHOS rep klaic710 with a 2:3 score. However, in the fight for third place t0m3 was more successful and won 3:0 against Remo.

1st place: MATHOS | klaic710

2nd place: FOI | Bati

3rd place: FOI | t0m3

4th place: TVZ | Remo

5th-8th place FERIT, UNIPU, FERIT, and ASPIRA

9th place: Algebra

Now only the CS2 competition is left and you can follow the finale on the 21st of June which is Friday. Don’t forget to follow our stream on YouTube, Twitch and Kick.


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