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FOI is the winner of the A1 Student eChallenge in CS2!

Last week we had the opportunity to host the CS2 tournament as a part of the A1 Student eChallenge. Six universities and 36 students competed for the right to call themselves champions but only one was victorious. It was FOI that bested their opponents and won the tournament. Overall 260 rounds were played and 11 maps, out of which Dust2 and Mirage were the most played, while we haven’t seen Nuke once this tournament. Continue reading to find out all the details.

FOI in the TOP 4 in every game in the A1 Student eChallenge

As you remember, besides CS2, we hosted two other games as a part of this tournament, Rocket League and EAFC24. FOI was the most successful university in the whole eChallenge, ranking in the TOP 4 in all three games. They were fourth in Rocket League, third and second in EAFC24, and now first in CS2. FOI had to defeat FERIT to win it all. But let’s see how each team got to the finals and who their opponents were in the semis.

The first finalist was FOI. In the semi-finals, they defeated UNIPU from Pula with a 2-0 score, which came from the quarter-finals with a 2-0 victory over FER. Against UNIPU, FOI had an easy first map on Mirage (13:7), but they struggled on the second map Dust2 and defeated UNIPU only in the third overtime with a score of 22:19. The game was a real nailbiter and UNIPU put up a good fight. However in the end FOI prevailed.

The second finalist FERIT from Osijek didn’t have a tough opponent in the semis or they made it look like that. Against TVZ they won 2-0. Even though the second map Mirage was a little close, ending with 16-14, the first was Ancient where Ferit demolished their opponents with a swift 13:1 win.

A1 Student eChallenge FOI

In the grand finals, all three maps were played. Ancient was a FOI pick where they had a good start and a score of 10-4. After that FERIT made a comeback. Shumy’s 1v3 clutch took the game to overtime where in the end FERIT won 16-14. On FERIT’s pick Anubis, FOI dominated with Prozzor as the best player (13-8). The decider was Dust2 where it was close until the end. However, as we know FOI was a better team ending the final map with a 13-10 score and taking the title.


  • 1st place – FOI
  • 2nd place – FERIT
  • 3rd place – TVZ
  • 4th place – UNIPU
  • 5th place – FER
  • 6th place – Algebra
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