The Brawl Stars playoffs are starting tonight!

After seven qualifiers, today is the start of the A1 Adria League Brawl Stars playoffs. The eight best teams from the last weeks will clash in the double-elimination playoffs in which we will crown the champion of the first-ever Brawl Stars season.

A1 Adria League S5 - Brawl Stars Standings 7

After the seventh qualifier in which Alpha Elite once again took the 100 points and maximized their success, the qualifiers came to an end and the endgame is starting now. The teams will ban 1 global Brawler per game mode, and these are the modes and maps:

Set 1: Gem Grab – Cell Division
Set 2: Brawl Ball – Pinhole Punt
Set 3: Siege – Factory Rush
Set 4: Heist – Pit Stop
Set 5: Bounty – Canal Grande

The first round of the playoffs looks as follows:

Alpha Elite – So Bad
Easy Win – Free Agents
Good Game – ULC eSports
Mayoi – FA Deadly

As always, you will be able to watch the Brawl Stars playoffs on A1 Adria League’s streams on YouTube and Twitch, with the stream starting at 6pm.

A sudden shuffle caused trouble for a number of Brawl Stars teams

While we were preparing for the third Brawl Stars qualifier, a massive shuffle happened involving some of the current top teams as well as the first-placed team on the A1 Adria Brawl Stars standings – Free Agents.

Good Game formed a second Brawl Stars division

As the first two qualifiers passed, some teams started putting themselves on the leaderboard on their way to the Second Stage of the League. Free Agents, in particular, dominated the whole competition in both the qualifiers, earning themselves all of the 200 possible points. And just like that, everything changed…

Good Game and their current roster are currently fourth on the Brawl Stars standings with a total of 95 points. With the great game they have been showing in recent times, their chances of qualifying are looking great. Even while fielding a great squad, Good Game love the competition A1 Adria League brings so they decided to form a second team.

While one more team in the qualifiers is a great thing for the players, followers, and the League, when it consists of a mix of players from other teams, it can become a problem. The so-called “poaching” of a single player doesn’t impact a team that much, but when you take the core of the team away, it could really become troublesome for the poached side.

Good Game 2 consists of players from Easy Win, No Name, and most notably Free Agents. Easy Win are currently third with 120 points and No Name occupies the fifth place with 80 points, but they will have to continue their qualification road without Ew_Ciro and DzonDzonO, respectively. The real problems come with the two ex-Free Agents’ players, Andreybs_ and ToDe05, who will be finalizing the second Good Game team.

Problems arise for the Free Agents squad

At the moment where the majority of the active players leave the team, the minority that is still playing is left with the current points, but their points stay unchanged. If the players who left the team earn points while playing for another squad, the minority from their previous squad, or what is left from Free Agents, lose all their earned points. This will most certainly be the case for Marko, who is the only active player left in Free Agents, judging by the quality of the players in Good Game 2.

When asked about the current situation, Marko didn’t try to hide his frustration and said that the remaining members of Free Agent will not continue playing the qualifiers, while also mentioning his plans for quitting competitive Brawl Stars. He told me that Andrey had disagreements with the rest of the team and he left in order to further develop, even though Marko believes the team was good enough and they could keep going with the roster they had at the time. The Free Agents player also thinks that Good Game will not equally focus on both teams, but that the second squad was formed in order to destroy the competition and make the matches easier for their main division.

The new Good Game 2 team consists of:

rs DzonDzonO
hr Andreybs_
rs EW_Ciro
rs ToDe05

*MarkoYouTube changed his decision and will continue to play in the third Brawl Stars qualifier along with a modified Free Agents squad. Seeing as two out of the four Free Agents players are still part of the roster, Free Agents will keep their current points.