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After the players fought hard to earn points in the qualifying stage, it is time to commence our next phase in the FIFA League – the SWISS group!

amke2001 dominant in the qualifiers; brstimir finished second

Tarik “amke2001” Novo was the absolute best player in the five qualifiers that we hosted for FIFA players. He won second place in the first and fifth qualifiers, while he triumphed in qualifiers 3 and 4. These results earned him 340 points in total, 150 more than the second-placed player, Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac. After his victory in the first qualifier, the Serbian player had a string of mediocre results, except his silver medal in the fourth cup.

With 10 and 20 points less than brstimir, respectively, Harun “Hara” Parla and Haris “edenn95” Lukomirak are the next two players on our leaderboard. While Hara gradually earned points during the entire phase, edenn95 managed to overcome all opponents in the very last qualifier and earn the deciding 100 points. His other points came from qualifiers #2 (20) and #3 (50).

DrPecho qualifies for the eighth season!

Petar “DrPecho” Šušnjar claimed the eighth place on our leaderboard and will be making an appearance on his second big tournament in a row, after recently playing the fifth FIFA Adria Prvenstvo season. Besides DrPecho, Đorđe “JasikFifa” Cumbo also secured his spot in the league.

When talking about FIFA Adria Prvenstvo S5, we can also mention that Esad “esad1memic” Memić, the winner of the tournament, qualified for the A1 Adria League once again. With his 160 points, he was tied with another countryman of his, Emir “Sulja13” Suljović.

The final standings of the qualifying stage can be seen below:

FIFA Ranking

Five great qualifiers are now behind us. Along with the qualified players, we must congratulate players such as Stefan “HardiFifa” Stojanov, Leon “Sardinho213” Šardi, Luka “Lux” Rade, and many more for being a part of the A1 Adria League. We are now a step closer to crowning our new champions. A SWISS stage which will be played on the newest edition of FIFA, FIFA22, will determine the four players that will play the final four stage. After the groups come to an end, we are expecting a double-elimination bracket. Will amke2001 keep his title, or will a new player climb on top of the region?

Eight players secure their spot in the FIFA group stage!

The last qualifier of this FIFA season is over. Haris “edenn95” Lukomirak took the main prize and the player list for this SWISS stage is completed.

A smaller number of players signed up for the last qualifier as the top eight players had more-or-less secured their spots in the league. Mostly players who were on the verge of losing their spot played the qualifier, as well as players who needed a small number of points to reach the upper spots in the leaderboard. Robert “rob1” Peršaj lost in the first round. His opponent was Tarik “amke2001” Novo, who went on to win against Esad “esad1memic” Memić in the quarterfinals. Tarik was unstoppable in his part of the bracket and outplayed Emir “Sulja” Suljović in the semis with ease.

Leon “Sardinho213” Šardi was better than Batiii and Petar “DrPecho” Šušnjar in the first rounds of today’s bracket. His opponent in the semifinals was edenn95 who surprisedly managed to upset Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac in the first round. The player also defeated Luka “Lux” Rade, and finally bested Sardinho in the semifinals. The Slovenian participant become one of the players in the third-place decider, while edenn95 advanced to the grand finals.

The third place this week went to Sulja, which means that Sardinho213 finished fourth. A huge upset happened in the finals where edenn95 managed to surprise amke2001 and win the game in the very last minute of the second game. These are the eight players that qualified for this season’s group stage:


FIFA Ranking