GAMERS FOR KIARA; Tune in for a good cause!

Probably the most important segment of this season’s Reboot Online Games Week will be the humanitarian one, dedicated to helping Kiara Goršić.

Kiara Goršić is a seven-year-old. Unfortunately, a tragedy recently struck her and her family. Namely, Kiara was diagnosed with a form of brain tumor. It is a grade IV diffuse glioma of the midline. Croatia and Europe cannot do much about this, so the best hope for Kiara is a clinical study in the United States that is conducting a clinical trial with a new drug, ONC201. This new drug has no side effects like the other methods and is the best option for young Kiara, according to the family’s oncologist.

“The doctor told us that she would also make an MRI, but as a last resort because no one thought that a six-year-old girl would be endangered by something like that. We were helped a lot by my husband’s sister who works at the hospital so we got an MRI as soon as possible.

Then followed that unfortunate 29.7. when she went for the magnet. You already get a worm of suspicion because it was said that it would take 20 minutes, and you see that the time has been greatly exceeded. After the scanning ended and when I walked out of that room with her, the radiologist just looked down at the floor. That’s when I knew right away that something was wrong. The moment he utters ‘unfortunately, the results not good’, when you hear that, your legs are cut off and the whole world and life no longer make any sense.” – Kiara’s mother Matea told a Croatian portal.

A1 Adria League is here to help Kiara as much as we can. A part of Reboot Online Games Week will be dedicated to helping this adorable child overcome this huge challenge in her life. While other segments of the event will also have the goal of collecting the needed money, “Humanitarka” will be a segment that will focus entirely on that mission. Personalities from the region will compete in modified game modes of three games and in the meantime, the collected money will be donated to Kiara. The games will be VALORANT, Rocket League and CS:GO.

There are a couple of ways to help Kiara. A crowdfunding campaign was recently started and can be visited by clicking HERE. A Facebook page is available HERE for all new information. Depending on your residing country, you can donate money for Kiara via these methods:

Call: 060 9003
Sberbank d.d.
Account owner: Matea Lambaša Goršić
Address: Šibenik
Model HR99
Description: “plaćanja donacija za Kiarino liječenje”

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Together, let’s help Kiara and give her a chance to see everything the world has to offer.

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