A1 Gaming Weekend - Rocket League

A1 Gaming Weekend is back with Rocket League!

Once again, the A1 Gaming Weekend will host a tournament in Rocket League – everyone’s favorite rocket-powered, soccer-playing esports title!

Last year we tested the Rocket League waters with an A1 Gaming Weekend dedicated to this game that has become a pillar of the competitive gaming scene in the last years. Unlike last time, however, this tournament will feature a 3v3 format. The standard format should attract more players that can sign up with their teams and fight for the main prize. Challengermode is the platform of choice for this Rocket League tournament – the registration link can be found at the end of this article.

The famous regional YouTuber Djura as well as GameHub’s Dean Bošnjak will be our casters for this A1 Gaming Weekend. A prize pool of €450 is up for grabs for the best four Rocket League teams in the region. This edition of the A1 Gaming Weekend will last for two days, the 31st of July and the 1st of August, and teams from the entire Adria region can join in. Good luck!

The prize pool will be split in the following manner:

1. €180
2. €105
3. €90
4. €75

A1 Gaming Weekend – Rocket League – SIGN UP HERE!

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