Brawl Stars and Clash Royale’s A1 Adria League seasons ended on Thursday and Friday, respectively. Good Game Gold was the team that was crowned the champion in Brawl Stars, while Joža Esports beat LAZR and managed to take the first place in Clash Royale.

Both games were filled with incredible individuals who have had a stellar performance during the entirety of the season. Besides the main awards appointed for Clash Royale and Brawl Stars, we feel that the best individuals deserve something more.

A1 Adria League will be letting our followers vote for the players that they think have deserved the Most Valuable Player award. In Brawl Stars, the nominated players include Matenzi, DzonDzon, Ciro and Andrey. In Clash Royale, those players are Nikola, Neki Lik, Markoni, and Tocilovac. Two of the players in each game will receive the Community MVP award along with a €100 award each.

You can pick your favorite player and vote until the end of the weekend by choosing your nominee in the poll below.