Get ready to rev your engines and blaze a trail to victory – we’ve added Trackmania for the first time in our League!

Attention all racers and gaming enthusiasts! Get ready to rev your engines and put your driving skills to the ultimate test, because the A1 Adria League Season 11 is proud to announce the thrilling Trackmania tournament!

With a whopping prize pool of 500EUR up for grabs, the competition promises to be fierce. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the world of esports, this is your chance to show off your speed, precision, and lightning-fast reflexes on the virtual racetrack.

The rules are simple: you’ll go head-to-head against your opponents in a series of heart-pumping races, each one more challenging than the last. And with some of the best Trackmania players from around the region expected to take part, you can be sure that every race will be a nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat affair.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite controller, strap yourself in, and get ready to burn rubber as you compete for glory, bragging rights, and a share of that amazing prize pool. This is one esports event you won’t want to miss!

Prize pool distribution

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Tournament will use the latest available version of TrackMania published by Ubisoft Nadeo. It’s mandatory to have a paid version of the game (Standard or Club).

Eligible players (standard or club access) can find A1 Adria League server in LIVE server list. Setting a time on any track in any time makes player a part of the competition. Password for the server is “0CIPJZ” (first character is number – zero).

Tournament Format

1. SPRING 2023 – 21
2. WINTER 2023 – 17
3. WINTER 2023 – 21
4. SUMMER 2022 – 21
5. SPRING 2021 – 22

QUALIFIER (until 19.4.2023 18:00h):

From 15th of April to 19th of April (qualifier closing 19th at 18:00h). You can enter at any time and set your time.
Qualifier server settings:
Compete in a time attack mode on A1AL campaign consisting of 5 official NADEO tracks. TOP 8 Players with the best results on 19th of April at 18:00h will be qualified for the FINALS.

FINALS (20.4.2023 19:00h):

TOP 8 Players from qualifiers will be randomly separated in 2 groups of 4 players. Both groups will be competing in a CUP MODE format on the same tracks from the qualifiers. TOP 2 from each group will be advancing to the FINALS. TOP 4 Players will be competing in a CUP mode for the prize money and a first ever regional champion title.

Connect on Discord

If you have any game specific or competition oriented questions, make sure you hop on our Discord server and get in touch with the Game Head.



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